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Lifeguard in Ocean City – PREM

Katalogové číslo: LG06

  • Employer: Pool Company
  • Start Date: late May, early June
  • End Date: early September
  • English Level: Advanced
  • Hiring Via: Skype Interview
  • Specials: Couples accepted, Groups accepted
  • Hourly Wage: $11.25-12.50
  • State: Maryland (MD)
  • Housing: No housing assistance
  • Gender: Male, Female, Both
  • Location: Beach
  • In Stock: 0

Start date: before or on May 23rd – June 6th, 2020

End date: September 7th or later, 2020

Ocean City is one of the most popular summer resorts on the East coast. Imagine you can spend your day off on the beach, surfing or enjoying the time with students from all over the world.

Hourly wage from $11.25 to $12.50 based on experience and locations

Overtime: available but for regular hourly wage

Pay frequency: bi-weekly

# of days per week: 4-6 days

# of hours per week: 40+ ( the better you are the more hours you will be able to get)

# of hours per week in 2018: 57

# of hours per week in 2019: 61


CPO class will be scheduled around March 20 – 22 2020 in Prague. The cost of this course (for all hired students) is $325 — it will be used as a bonus MINUS the $75 for books and class, so if student has no issues all summer, THEY DON´T LEAVE EARLY, NO CELL PHONE USE, NO LAPTOPS, NOT BEING LATE, KEEPING CORRECT CHEMISTRY, NOT SLEEPING, DOING PUSHUP, SITUPS INSTEAD OF WATCHING THE POOL, they will get $250 back as a bonus.

Students will be given contact information to Landlords for housing from employer.

Students can find long-term rental in hotels or motels. There is plenty of students accommodation available in the area, average price $60-90/week. We can also contact our participants from previous summer season 2016-2019, who found housing by themselves and could recommend their Landlords.

Ocean City, MD
Resort town Ocean City, near Atlantic Ocean is one of the most popular areas where W&T students spend summer. City hosts between 320,000 and 345,000 vacationers, and up to 8 million visitors annually. Hundreds of hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops just steps from the beach and boardwalk.

Employer has also pool cleaning and other positions for summer. If some of your friends wants to join you, but does not want to work as a lifeguard, he/she can register for program: W&T Czech-us jobs.

How to get to work?

Walk, bike, bus or car depending on the distance from your apartment to job site.

Bikes will be provided for Treasure Beach and Mystic pools only.


Pick-up at the airport: not provided

Coming soon!!!

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