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Lifeguard in Virginia Beach – SIG

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  • Employer: Pool Company
  • State: Virginia (VA), Beach, Major City
  • Start Date: early and mid May, late May, early June, mid June
  • End Date: early September
  • Gender: Male, Female, Both
  • English Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Housing: Employer provides $125/week
  • Hiring Via: Skype Interview
  • Hourly Wage: $9.50
  • Specials: Couples accepted, Groups accepted
  • Location's Specifics: Beach, Major City
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The information will be updated soon for season 2020!!!


Start date:    May 25th – June 15th

End date:      September 6th

Location: Virginia Beach, near to Atlantic Ocean is popular area where a lot of Work and Travel students spend summer. Virginia Beach is home to a flourishing local culinary scene, rich history, a variety of arts and entertainment. Hundreds of hotels, restaurants and souvenir shops are just step from the beach and boardwalk, Virginia Beach awaits for you.

Location of pools: Virginia Beach, Williamsburg, Newport News.
The location you will be assigned to will be
determined by pool company as this is dependent on many factors.

Hourly wage: $9.50/hour

Overtimes possible

#of average hours per week in 2019: 57

Lifeguards can get performance bonus in the end of the season.

How to get to work? Walking, Biking, public transportation

Uniform:  Estimated cost for lifeguards uniform is $70.
Participants may only wear uniforms while on duty.  No other clothing is acceptable.

Housing: Employer provides. $125/week. 2-3 bedrooms apartments, 2 people per bedroom. Apartments come with fully stocked kitchen.

Hiring: via skype interview

Pick-up at the airport: Dulles (Washington D.C.), Richmond international, and Richmond greyhound bus station.

New employer

Program fee: $699 (including health insurance)

Program fee  $499 with start date on May 25th 


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