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Lifeguard in Houston – GHPM

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  • Employer: Pool Company
  • State: Texas (TX), Houston
  • Start Date: early and mid May, late May, early June, mid June
  • End Date: early September, mid September, late September
  • Gender: Male, Female, Both
  • English Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Housing: Employer provides
  • Hiring Via: Skype Interview
  • Hourly Wage: 1st $10.00, 2nd $10.25, 3rd $10.50, 4th $10.75
  • Specials: Couples accepted, Groups accepted
  • Location's Specifics: Major City
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The information will be updated for summer 2020!!!!


his employer is the largest commercial pool management company in the Greater Houston area. We employ over 1100 lifeguards each year and have the most fun, hard working, and dedicated staff. All of our facilities require at least 2 lifeguards at all times so any Czech-us students working for us will always be with at least 1 other American lifeguard.

Years of cooperation with Czech-us: 10

How it looks like in Houston


OPTION ONE: May 20th – September 2nd  – with a signing bonus of $150.
OPTION TWO: June 3rd – September 2nd
OPTION THREE: June 10th – September 8th
OPTION FOUR: June 17th – September 15th


The best arrival day is during the week because of GHPM orientation – you must sign all of paper documents at office and then you do exams (like is swimming, diving, ARC skills) at pool.


Locations: state Texas

We have pools all over the Greater Houston area: Conroe, Cypress, Fulshear, Houston, Humble, Katy, League City, Missouri City, Montgomery, Pearland, Richmond, Spring, Sugar Land.


Pools are located in community neighbourhoods.

Number of run pools planned in 2018: 100


Wage: $10.00-$10.75/hour

Overtime: Maybe; overtime wage: 1,5x hourly rate

Pay frequency: bi-weekly

# of days per week: 4-7 days

# of hours per week: avarage 35 hours per week during contract dates*

# of hours per week in 2017: 35

# of hours per week in 2019: ??


*Employer guarantee 35 hours per week from your start date to your end date. During the summer can work guards more hours (40-60). From the end of August you have lifeguarding hours just on weekend and cleaning shifts during a week (16-35 hours per week). Hours depend on your agreement with supervisor.


Any first year lifeguard employees hired from Czech US will get $10 per hour. Any employees hired from Czech US that have worked directly for this employer in a previous year will get $10.50. If any employees from Czech US are placed in a management role their pay will be determined based on their specific experience and the size of the facility they are managing.


A list of all of our pay dates and their corresponding pay periods will be available online prior to the start of the 2019 summer season. There may be some point throughout the season that overtime hours will become available to you. If you work overtime you will be paid one and a half times your hourly wage for each overtime hour that you work. Overtime is not guaranteed.


Uniform: Male $69/ Female $79

Any employee working for us must be in their full company uniform at all times while working. The full company uniform includes: company t-shirt or tank top, company swim suit, Fox 40 (pealess whistle on the picture), navy blue safety pack and have a non re-breather pocket mask inside their safety pack at all times. You will be required to pay for your uniform with cash upon arrival or through small wage deduction payments throughout the summer.


Housing: provided

GHPM will provide housing. Rent will be divided by the numbers of occupants and the flat rate will be deducted from each check agreeable to the students. GHPM will pay all housing deposit. The housing must be clean and left in good condition prior to leaving. All of the housing units will be close to your pool.


How to get to work? Walk or bike, usually ride a bike for 20 minutes, but it depends on location of your apartment.


Pick-up at the airport: Not provided

The best way how to get to your apartment is to use UBER, TAXI or similar transportation possibilities. The best solution for your first days in Houston is a car rental.


Program fee: $699 (including health insurance)

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