Games attendant in Seaside Heights

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  • Employer: Games store
  • State: New Jersey (NJ), Seaside Heights
  • Start Date: mid June, late June
  • End Date: mid September
  • Gender: Male, Female, Both
  • English Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Housing: Local coordinator helps you can expect $100-110/week/person
  • Hiring Via: CV and Skype Interview
  • Hourly Wage: $9.00, raise to 10.00/hr in 2 weeks
  • Specials: Couples accepted, Groups accepted
  • Location's Specifics: Small Town
  • In Stock: 4


Are you fluent in English and have outgoing personality? Do you have uncontrollable desire to communicate to people/kids and you are not shy? This is position for you!

Required working dates: Flexible arrival, must stay and work through Sept 10

employer is looking for 2 girls and 2 boys

Job description: Work at the games counter, give out prizes, make change, stock prizes, maintenance of the game and arcade equipment. Please refer to the YouTube video to have the idea about this job position Some extra duties can be performed at the sweets shop, arcade, drawing skills are a plus.

Wage: Starting wage is $9.00, raise to 10.00/hr in 2 weeks. !Exempt from overtime pay as a seasonal business ! (it means you can have overtime hours, but you´ll not get 1.5x raise of hour wage), many oportunities to secure 2nd job around if you want to

Work schedule: 32-40hours/week

Uniform: Company Tshirt will be provided

Housing: Assistance with housing will be provided, most housing options are within walking distance, you can expect $100-110/week/per person with (2-3 people in room)

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Program fee: $1111 (including health insurance)

Who should you contact for more information? Lenka


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