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Hourly wage:

$15/hour + TIPS


Employer provides


Maryland (MD)


Ocean City

Start Date:

early and mid May, late May, early June, mid June, late June

End Date:

early September, mid September

English level:




Hiring via:

Skype Interview

Job descripton

Beach/Night Club Photographer

The Photographer role is a versatile position that involves working both on the beach and/or night club and also inside the studio. Students will be responsible for photographing and selling novelty photos to customers on the beach/night club. This entails approaching customers and inviting them to pose for enjoyable and appealing photos.

Additionally, students will help coordinate and assemble novelty photo items and packages inside the studio.

Key Responsibilities:

Beach Photography
Students will work on the beach, interacting with customers, and taking high-quality photos. This role requires working in an outdoor environment, which may include exposure to the sun and heat.-Sales and Customer Service: Students will also serve as a sales photographer, necessitating an advanced English level and a friendly, enthusiastic attitude. Exceptional customer service skills are essential to create a positive customer experience.

Studio Support

In the studio, students will assist in coordinating and assembling novelty photo items and packages that customers have selected. This includes maintaining cleanliness and organization in the backroom area. This combined role offers a dynamic work experience, involving both customer interaction on the beach and studio support, ensuring that customers have a memorable and enjoyable experience while creating lasting mementos.

Wage and housing


$15/hour + TIPS

Employees earn at least minimum wage ($15.00/hour) based on commission + TIPS. Employees generally earn around $20 – $25 per hour including tips and commissions.


Employer can provide or offer assistance

Transport and location


Things to do

Beach time, water sports, surfing, fishing, sailing, volleyball, picnicking, free night movies and concerts on the beach during the summer, art, craft and cultural fairs and shows, the Ocean City Air Show, dolphin watching and boat trips to Assateague Island. Shopping in Ocean City’s outlets, malls, boutiques or antique shops.


About this employer

Sure we take pictures, but what’s astonishing is that the Company is not really about photography.  Instead, it’s about people, relationships, and the feeling enjoyed by giving customers something special and unique. We re-invented the photo shoot taking it from boring and awkward to fast, fun, and friendly; and, since 1945 or so have delivered a dynamic experience to visitors, right on the beach.

Cooperation with us since: 2024

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